Scat Cat Foam Wing Templates

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Scat Cat 500 Foam Core Wing Rib Templates to Cut Foam Wings

I recently finished one of these planes and installed a E-flite Power 25 Brushless 1250Kv motor and I was impressed! I used a 10x10 APC on 3 cell 60C lipo . . .WOW! With 4 Cells Scary WOW! Over 1300 67 amps. I only have a 60 amp ESC so will not be doing that on a 4 cell with a 10x10 prop again.

Use to make you own foam core wings from EPS or other types of foam
Created with CAD using the original Scat Cat wing core
CNC Laser cut from 1/8" Hard Board
Hand sanded
Includes 2 ribs