Servo Extension Wire Lead Color ID Marker Tags Color Coded, Just Match Up Colors

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Stop plugging you servo leads in the wrong channels
I use these ID tags on the servo leads that come from the wing and go to the extensions on the receiver so all I have to do is match up the color of the tags and plug in the connectors. I have four wires coming from my wing (2 flap 2 aileron) I had them numbered with tape and still found myself plugging the servos in the wrong channels, good thing I check my controls be every flight.
Finely I decided enough was enough and came up with these 3D printed tags that just slide on the wires next to the connector, now I jut match up the colors and no more mix up.

Weighs only 0.15g each
Easily fits on servo leads, no glue required
Reusable, can be removed if needed
Includes five deferent colors: Yellow, Red, White, Black, and Green
Made in The USA using 3D printing technology

This listing is for 30 pcs:
6 Yellow
6 Red
6 White
6 Black
6 Greem

This listing is for the ID tags only, Anything else shown is for reference only