Epoxy Glue Caddy Holder Organizer Hanger Laser Cut from 2.7mm Plywood DYI Kit - Holds 2 bottles

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No Glue Glue Caddy Holder Organizer Hanger Laser Cut from 2.9mm Plywood, DYI Kit. This is the glue holder that needs no glue for assembly! Just gently tap it together with a hammer or scrap piece of wood to assemble. I assembled the one in the photos with just a scrap 2 by 3 as a hammer. See numbered photos and instructions below for assembly.

Use to store Epoxy Glue and keep part A and part B always together
Helps prevent glue from spilling
Fits bottles up to 1 1/2" in diameter
Precision snug fit, needs no glue for assembly
Assembles in less than 5 minutes
Cut from 1/8" thick plywood using laser cutting technology
Carefully remove the parts from the plywood sheet, you may need to cut the parts in some areas to free the parts.
Slide the bottom and one slide together (see photos numbered 1 and 2)
Slide the top in place with the side and bottom
Slide the other side in place.
The glue caddy should now look like the photo numbered 3
Slide in the handle as seen like the photo numbered 4 and it's finished