RC Self Center Drill Bit Hand Tool, for Servos, Motor Engine 1/16" Bit Pilot Hole

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No more guess work on getting the pilot hole in the right location
Self centering tip
1/16" bit, can be used to mark the center or make a pilot hole
Great for marking or making pilot holes for servos, motors, engines, & motor mounts
Works on thru holes from 1/6" to 3/16" in diameter
Made in the USA using 3D printing technology and K&S brass tubing
How to Use:

Retract the drill bit as shown in photo 5A and 5B
Place the cone shaped tip in the thru hole of the item you wish to mark the center as seen in photo 6A
With a lite force push in on the bit as you rotate it as seen in photo 7
Repeat for each thru hole

Do one hole at a time and install the screw before going to the next hole.