RC Lipo Battery Mounting Tray 300 mah to 1500 1 Cell to 6 Cell

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Ever have that helpless feeling when your power battery comes flying out of your plane as you pull a high G maneuver? I have . . It's not a pleasant feeling. Not only does the plane come crashing to the ground, but the battery goes into stealth mode never to be seen again. Stop that from ever happening again when using these battery trays and straps to hold your batteries. Just glue the tray in the same location as you normally have your battery, install the sticky back hook and loop. One side to your battery and one side to the center of the tray. Use the hook and loop straps
(not included) to wrap the battery to the tray . . .Done!

Securely holds battery in place with hook and loop straps (not included)
Straps keep the battery from flying out and the sticky back hook and loop pads (not included) keeps the battery from sliding
Laser cut using with 2.7mm" plywood