150W 3 in 1 Battery Balancer LCD Battery Discharger Fixture

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Ok so you bought the 150W 3 in 1 Battery Balancer LCD Voltage Battery Discharger and need a way to mount the bulbs (load), controller and meter. This fixture will solve that problemi in a neat a organised manner.

If you haven't bought battery discharger I suggest you do . . .they work great for draining lipo batteries to storage voltage without tying up a charger.

Provides a gap under the balance resistors to improve airflow
Keeps things neat and tidy, no unruly wires all over the place
The bulbs get very hot, provides a save mounting surface to mount the bulb sockets
Made in the USA using 3D printing technology
Printed detailed assembly instructions with photos are included (see 4th photo)
This is for the Fixture only and does not include the 150W 3 in 1 Battery Balancer LCD Voltage Discharger or Battery.

Halogen Bulbs will get very hot when discharging a battery. It is strongly suggested a fan be used to help keep things cool when in use.