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 3 IN 1 Battery Meter Balancer Discharger


The Battery Meter/Balancer/Discharger is designed for Li-Polymer and Li-Fe battery, it can measure battery voltage precisely and execute balance work for series batteries, or for battery discharge in order to for long time storage to avoid battery damaged. It can be used as a portable battery meter as it is lightweight, self-contained and with a large display. You can also bring the Balancer to the flying field for battery checking purpose.

The product balance function can allow battery execute balance function before/after charge and using(discharge), also can match-up market string voltage charger to execute devide voltage balancing function while charging.
The product is used big size screen, it can show 6 cell batteries condition. It only uses 3 key to control all function, user can judge batteries condition soon, and can operate all function single-handed.

 Thermal-backplane ventilation design, to prevent overheating.

 Backplane heat, dust invasion can be avoided, better heat dissipation effect.
 Don't worry about the temperature when the unit is in operation.
 Supports 2 ~ 6 Cell Balancing tabs
 Allows Li-Polymer/Li-Fe 2 ~ 6 Cell balancing and discharge
 Included JST connectors and Another receiver power connectors.

1. Product specification: LxWxH : 93.5 X 60 X 17 mm
2. Measureable battery type and amount: Li-Polymer/Li-Fe 2 ~ 6
3. Cell(standard voltage 7.4 V ~ 22.2 V using divided voltage joint).
4. Receiver battery 1.2 V ~ 8.5V DC (Not limit battery type, but need external power source 7.4~11.1V, use JST joint)
5. Balance voltage setting range(lower limit):2.0V ~ 4.2V(pre-setting value 3.3V)
6. Discharge voltage setting range (lower limit):2.0V~ 4.2V(pre-setting value 3.9V)
7. Net weight is 70g without package.



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